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SocialEngine Plugins

Advanced TopBar Menus Plugin

Advanced Top Bar Menus System is enhanced version of SocialEgnine Menus / Header section.
We have merged Main Menu, Mini Menu and Logo in single stylish topbar so it looks more attractive and easy to use with 3 separated items for Friend Requests , Messages & Updates.

Appointment Scheduler Plugin

SocialEgnine Appointment Scheduler / Booking Calender / One to One meeting scheduler / Reservation System.
Simple, powerful and complete scheduling system for your social website for making appointments between site members.

Goals Plugin

Goals plugin allows you site member to create goals, assign different tasks to accomplish the goal. Other members can comment / like or dicuss these goals for motivation and encouragement. Members can complete task steps and watch goal progress bar climbs to 100%.

Future Auto Posts Plugin

Future Auto Posts / Secheduled Automatic Posts / Future Posts plugin for SocialEngine PHP.
This plugin allows site members to add posts on activity wall with future scheduled date. Post will be published on site automatically on scheduled date and time. Very useful feature for new sites to look busy and active.

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